About Us

We are Peter and Sylvi and we are a pair of artists in both our private and professional life.

We use digital photography and advanced image editing techniques and combine them with modern digital hand painting methods. This expressive blend of possibilities together with state-of-the-art printing equipment makes it possible for us to create pieces of art which we can then transfer onto paper and other materials.

Our artwork is designed for private buyers, souvenir shops, hotels, restaurants, coffee bars, wineries and anyone else who likes our visual work.

Right from our growing years, we have always been inspired by the world that surrounds us, nature in particular. We would be delighted to share our world with you which we have created in an almost 200-year old house, in the vicinity of Devon by the seaside, one of the most spectacular regions of England. This is where we live and create right from the bottom of our hearts for your enjoyment. The great majority of our art is based but not limited to regional places, events and many more.

We would like our art to evoke pleasant memories from these special places. Our passion and profession are capturing the beauty of this region in photography and digital artwork framed in a high quality frames.
We pair our experience of photography, creativity with our attention to detail and sense of aesthetics to deliver you the best quality products for which we only use highest quality materials.

This is why you can expect nothing short of satisfaction and excitement from our products. We print our pictures using the highest quality pigment ink which ensures our art is safe to your health and the environment. You can enjoy our paintings for as long as 20 years in an indoor setting as the colours are safely and fully preserved

We understand perfectly how important it is to safely deliver the painting to your hands so we carefully bubble wrap it and place it in a cardboard packaging and then send it to you via courier delivery.

We would be extremely proud if you choose to decorate your house with our paintings.

We wish you an amazing day,

Coasts Art.